Children within this room begin to learn more colours and are also introduced to shapes and simple letters, such as the letter of their name.


Circle time is completed daily within the morning session after breakfast where the children’s learning is reinforced and developed further to challenge their knowledge and understanding.


Toilet training is a big development stage within this room; however, some children may have completed toilet training in the Snowy Owls depending on their stage of development. This room is a great room for this discipline with access to the children’s toilet and wash facilities being very close. When children begin this training, each child has a reward system in place to help encouargment and also for the children to be able to see what they have achieved on a day to day basis.


This room also has a great advantage with easy access to the outside area. There is a door which leads directly out onto the play area which is ideal for free flow, where children have the choice to play either inside or outside.


During meal times, children have the opportunity to develop more independent eating skills, using a knife and fork with support from the practitioners.