When the children move onwards and upwards to the ‘Snowy Owls’ room, routines become more structured in comparison to ‘Owlets’. Also there are greater boundaries introduced as a better understanding of expected behaviours become clearer as they develop better personal, emotional and social skills.


Children are encouraged to eat more independently, gaining the ability to use a fork and a spoon to feed themselves with practitioner support and supervision.


The learning experiences children will encounter in this room are learning basic flashcards, introducing simple colours - red, yellow, blue and green.


Children have great opportunities to explore many table top activities to further encourage walking and balancing skills, these include messy activities which enable children to investigate and experiment with various materials and tools.


A wide range of communication and language tools are used to develop and challenge children’s vocabulary and letter/word pronunciation. These are enhanced through singing, nursery rhymes. Language and communication is also encouraged through social interactions at meal times with the practitioners and children.


Children have opportunities to enjoy more physical activities in the outdoor environment, with the use of trikes, bikes, sea saws and slides.