This room is where we prepare children for school, with a strong focus on developing children’s concentration and independence. Here, all children are encouraged and guided to participate in various pre-school activities. Our task is to deliver on the seven areas of development within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum, these are:


• Personal, Social and Emotional Development

• Communication, and Language Development

• Mathematic Development

• Understanding of the World

• Physical Development

• Expressive Arts and Designs

• Literacy


Developing children’s independence through allowing children to choose what and where they would like to play is highly encouraged in this room. This helps promote self-learning. This is supported with specific planning on the areas of learning as formed in the EYFS (2012). Adult focused activities and the continuous developmental provisions are planned in advance in order to meet the children’s development needs and next steps, allowing planning to keep in theme with the children’s own specific interests and enabling children to enjoy the learning experience.


Circle time and group work is part of the everyday routine, encouraging children to identify names, letters, days of the week, months and seasons.  There is a range of opportunities for the children to extend their own learning throughout the day, enabling them to build on their current knowledge with the support and encouragement from staff to scaffold their development.


Children have full access to the computer based within the room, with a wide range of educational programmes. Children also have access to a variety of books and reading materials. Children have an excellent opportunity to express their creativity through arts and crafts with the creative boxes available to them. These boxes can purposefully be wheeled around to encourage children to investigate and explore.


A qualified dance teacher attends once a week during term times to deliver dance and movement lessons. During these classes children are encouraged to use their imagination, for instance by ‘fluttering like butterflies’, galloping, hopping and skipping.


We have excellent links with our local feeder schools and aim to make the transition from nursery to school as smoothly and as enjoyable as possible for each individual child.